Vans – Best Campervans Of 2019

Vans – Best Campervans Of 2019

Camper vans have gained so much popularity in such a short time. In general, people consider such trailers to go on a family vacation. However, they are versatile and suitable for every type of vacation trip. Therefore, there are many customized campervan dedicated to fulfilling a different kind of vacation needs. In this context, let’s discuss the best campervan introduced in 2019. Let’s get started.

Vans – Best Campervans Of 2019

Vans – Best Campervans Of 2019

Winnebago Revel Camper Van

The van is for adventure lovers, the one who loves to do daring activities. Therefore, it has a power lift bed along with other necessities. Besides this, it has an all-in-one bed bath with a comfortable kitchen. It gives a luxurious vibe. It is especially for those who can’t compromise with comfort. Talking about the performance, then it is very efficient and gives you a smooth ride.

Furthermore, it is super clean and space-efficient as well. Moreover, it has a diesel-power heating system along with a solar power system. It cost around 100’000 Euros.

Mercedes Benz Camper Van

The name is enough to tell you how cool this van is going to be? Moreover, this luxurious camper wants you to go for off-grid living. Furthermore, it is technically advanced and has built-in wifi, flat-screen, and other gadgets. In other words, it is a mansion on wheels that offers style and comfort with modern technology.

Ford Terrier M Sport

If you like to hit the road at the weekend, then this campervan is made for you. Moreover, this one is based on transit custom with the exhaust. Furthermore, it has leather swivel seats and plenty of space for the passengers in it. It also comes with amenities required for wild weekend days. Besides this, it has a compressor fridge, toilet, sink, and freshwater container. The weekend bus costs around 55’000 Euros; however, customized ones are costlier.

Vans – Knauss Boxstart 600

If you are a big fan of classic campervans with a modern touch, then this can be good for your family vacation. Moreover, the van has five beds, a spacious bathroom along with a shower cabin. Furthermore, it offers to pull out a table with a rotating front seat. Besides this, customers can choose from multiple layouts, and it is a true mobile family home. The cost of the van is around 50’000 Euros.

Vans – Best Campervans Of 2019

Vans – Best Campervans Of 2019

Dalbury E Electric

This all-electric campervan has raised the bars for other sellers. Moreover, it gets charged in just thirty minutes and makes an excellent future campervan. Besides this, it is a green and eco-friendly van that uses sunlight to produce energy. Therefore, it has solar panels, and you can start it with just one button. Apart from this, the van is tax-free, which means you don’t have to pay a fee. Talking about the price, then it starts at 29’995 Euros.

However, do search campervan online and then compare its price with other websites. In this way, you can save money and can get some reasonable offers as well.


The camper Vans are best when it comes to exploring off-road sites. They are comfortable and make you feel like home. Therefore, go for the mobile house and start exploring the world.

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