The Great Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van – Exclusive Features

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van has made foremost progress and gathered a remarkable notoriety in North America and abroad with utilizations running from a wide assortment of business applications to private and recreational purposes. To expand further, Mercedes-Benz offers the Sprinter suspension in 3 variations: the Passenger van, Cargo van, and Crew van. Therefore, here are exclusive features of Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van – Exclusive Features
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van – Exclusive Features

Retractable Aviation Tables Inside Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

There are different kinds of tables accessible for establishment inside your Sprinter van to fit an expansive scope of utilizations from utilization of nourishment and also refreshments or to utilize a workstation to peruse the Internet or audit significant work reports.


Moreover, from personal jet roused to full overlap out tables, HQ offers alternatives to the use needs of travelers with the choice for the consideration of lodge Wi-Fi availability for every single cell phone.

iPad Touch-Control System

To streamline control of lodge hardware running from TV inputs, encompass sound framework settings, lodge lighting, and more HQ also offers a Crestron base control framework that is all consistently incorporated and controlled by means of their application for devoted iPad controls.

Partition Wall With TV

Furthermore, to make a private travel space, HQ introduces a committed segment divider for detachment between the driver and traveler lodges, as travelers speak with the driver and copilot through a speaker framework. Moreover, the parcel divider includes a TV show with front side speakers, center comfort and side chief seats, which can be made retractable upon solicitation.

Bi-Crease Sofa/Retractable Bed

Inside the back, HQ offers a couple of designs for those searching for back couch seating for 2-3 travelers, despite the fact that when not in multi-use, this couch can also crease out into a little bed where one of the travelers can serenely take a little rest. Another choice is for double couch format in which the base piece of each set stretches out outwards to turn into a full bed.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van – Exclusive Features
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van – Exclusive Features

Electronic Window Curtain/Shades

When voyaging particularly during the late spring or during a specific radiant day, window shades are imperative. Thus, enabling travelers to control the measure of sun introduction for the traveler lodge.

Coordinate With Seating

Also, to filling in as a touch of weaving to add a dash of tastefulness to the traveler lodge that can be composed with seating shading to coordinate one another.

Kitchenette With Refrigerator And Microwave

Our line of vans are skilled being equipped with an exceptionally LED bar, a cooler, microwave open, sink and additionally espresso machine to use while driving. Machines, for example, the icebox are ideal for putting away sustenance and drinks, as readied suppers could be heated up utilizing the microwave for later utilization.

WiFi Internet Connectivity

Furthermore, A devoted WiFi switch for movement utilization is an absolute necessity for anybody. That requirement to remain associated all through their drive by means of their telephones or workstation gadgets. Just like use in lodge online hardware, for example, gushing gadgets or computer game consoles.


When you gotta go you gotta go. And whether out and about or outside there is no assigned. And also no safe zone somebody to their related business in a private setting.

The Plumbing

With the incorporation of a back washroom or latrine unit, travelers have a rich and minimal territory to utilize the bathroom in harmony with the alternatives of utilizing a pipes framework inside the van, or the choice of an incinerator to maintain a strategic distance from the need of manual waste transfer.

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