The Eyes Of A House: Secrets Of Clean Windows

Everyone should keep their windows clean. People should clean windows once or twice a week because a clean window can make them feel satisfied. There are various ways to clean windows. Based on this process, people should clean their windows. People can use old clothes or some chemicals to clean their windows. Every housemaker keeps trying to clean their windows. That’s why, every Saturday and Sunday, they should clean their house windows. It is necessary for all because the people who love to keep the window clean should try and maintain a process by which they can easily clean glass windows and glass doors too. Here is one process.

How To Clean Windows?
The Eyes Of A House: Secrets Of Clean Windows

Choose A Dry, Cloudy Day

When you want to clean your glass window, you should choose dry weather as this will help you better to clean the glass of your windows. If the weather is not cooperating, then your work becomes harder to do. Try and choose good dry weather for your work.

Remove Dirt And Dust First

You have to clean out dirt and dust first. After cleaning the dirt and dust from the glass window, you can use a vacuum cleaner, or you can use dirty clothes. If you clean your window by vacuum clear or by clothes or with Colin, then it will be more fruitful. After cleaning the window with these, your window glasses will look very glossy and shiny.

Pick The Right Cleaner

Whenever you are going to clean your window, you have to choose the right cleaner. Whatever the material that you are going to use to clean your windows, you have to choose that first. You can use Colin spray, or you can use a Windex outdoor cleaning tool. You can also use vinegar. Vinegar will also help you to clean your window properly.

Homemade Glass Cleaners

How To Clean Windows?
The Eyes Of A House: Secrets Of Clean Windows

Various homemade ways you can use to clean such as:

  • You have to take 2 cups of water first.
  • Then you have to take 1 or 2 cups of vinegar.
  • Then you have to take rubbing alcohol.

With the help of these combined ingredients, you can easily clean up your window quickly.

Use Microfiber Cloth

With the help of microfiber cloth, you can also easily clean it. At first, you have to wash the cloth in hot water; then you have to clean the cloth very well. After that, you can use the cloth to clean your window.

Skip The Squeegee

Using squeegees is not that much helpful because if you use the squeegee, the water will drop continuously on the floor and your work will increase.

Break It Down

How To Clean Windows?
The Eyes Of A House: Secrets Of Clean Windows

If you want to clean your room’s window, you can also use a wiper. It will work vertically and horizontally. It will clean your window from the outside and inside as well.

So these processes are beneficial and useful if you want to clean your room’s window. The people who want to keep their windows clean should try these process. It will help them very much.

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