Living The Van Life: What To Know Before You Go

Living The Van Life: What To Know Before You Go

It seems adventurous and fun to live in a van. You roam around the whole city, merely staying in your home. It feels like a dream come true. No worries about dressing in your best attire to move out of your house. However, there are certain things that you must know before living the van life.z

Start Simple

Whenever we start for an adventure, there are chances of being carried away in the feeling. We begin to pack every little thing or get paranoid. However, our simple advice to you is to remain calm and start with simple things.

Living The Van Life: What To Know Before You Go

Living The Van Life: What To Know Before You Go

Also, stay slow on the road. Do not hurry to reach your destination. Instead, go slow and enjoy the views that come in the way.

Pack Light

Since the van is a small space, thus you cannot fit in your entire house in it. Therefore, pack light and carry only those things which are necessary. There is a list of things that you should carry along with you.

· Two bowls (vs. plates, you can eat anything out of a container)

· Two mugs (great for coffee and beer)

· Two forks (you can drink things that need spoons, for the most part)

· Two pillows one blanket and one bottom sheet (if your van has a bed)

· One sharp knife (really, you only need one)

· One fold-out table (or picnic blanket but having a table made everything much easier)

· One frying pan

· One saucepan (having one of each allows you to cook faster)

· One spatula (we didn’t have this for a long time and messed up our pans with our forks)

· 1 hammock (best thing for starry nights)

· Two fold-out chairs

· One container of wet wipes (you can use them for everything)

· Tea (or coffee, or both! Hot liquid on cold nights and early mornings makes everything feel better)

· Honey (you can put it in everything!)

· Almond butter (Don’t have anything else? A solid fork-full will tide you over for a bit)

The list can vary according to your personal choices. However, carry enough warm clothes with you according to the weather.

Stock Up When You Can

Now, you might run out of things in the way. Therefore, whenever you get the chance, stock up your fruits and vegetables. Also, stock up all the other items which you require.

Living The Van Life: What To Know Before You Go

Living The Van Life: What To Know Before You Go

Know Where To Sleep

Now, you cannot drive the whole time. You need some rest too. Therefore, you must know where you can park your van and sleep. You can park your trailer in the parking lots of various malls or other places in the city.

In a nutshell, living the van life is not robust. However, you only need to look after a few things to make you sorted. Interestingly, many people claim that they had the best times of their lives living in a van. Thus, if you too are planning to live in a truck, then you must consider the points mentioned above. 

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