House Transportation: Promises And Bills

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The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has seen many changes under President Donald Trump. Transportation chairman Peter De Fazio said that they are trying to deal with extensive policies made particularly for the highways and transportation. America passes a lot of bills everywhere. But in the transportation sector, there has not been much development since Clinton’s tenure.

House Transportation: Promises And Bills

De Fazio said that there’ll be two agendas regarding these reforms. One would be reauthorizing the already existing FAST Highway Act. The second one would plead for funding of highway infrastructure. He said that he will try his best to move the funding bill as a priority so that there is more development in that area. However, De Fazio emphasized that there was not enough support from the federal government. The highway sector was long ignored. The present government should step in and move ahead supporting the Highway Bill. Right now, the Highway Bill is supported feebly by only the highway tax. The government is not putting much effort into enhancing and upgrading the policy.

House Transportation: Promises And Bills

As of now, the US Transport Committee helps the state earn from the fuel tax. De Fazio’s counterpart, Barrasso also said that time has come when the country needs major investment in roads, flyovers, and bridges. By developing them and enhancing taxes, it will be easy to maintain them too. Almost everyone has shown support to the bill. The tax structure of the country is also highlighted. According to the structure, there has been a major fuel hike under Trump’s presidential tenure. These taxes were not raised since the Clinton administration. However, President Clinton has also spoken about the much-hyped bill. He said he was ready to sign the bill but he had not received anything concrete from the senate or the congress.

Future Strategies

The congress has a six to seven-month period during which it must complete some pieces of its legislation work. The Highway Bill is a priority bill. Transportation is on a high priority list for both the Democrats and the Republicans. The Highway Trust Fund will crash if it is not given any supplementary funding. There is great hope that the funding will arrive by 2021. Meanwhile, more than two dozen states have already increased fuel taxes to meet their highway trust demands.

Peter De Fazio has served the government since 1987. He represents the Democratic Party. He is from Massachusetts and a veteran of the US Air Force Reserves. Peter was born in 1947 in a suburb of Boston. His great-uncle encouraged him to join politics. His career revolved around politics. He received a BA degree from Tufts University in 1969 and an MA from the University of Oregon.

He opposed the 2014 bill that said that gas prices would go down. According to him, there would be no money to support highway maintenance and infrastructure if the fuel prices went down.

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