The Next Camper Van: For Road Adventurers

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Sunlight has finally launched its most awaited product, the hammock-topped Cliff 4×4 Campervan. The developers have made a creative yet adventurous camper van for off-road junkies. This car is designed to defy snow-capped mountains, hot deserts, and endless gravel roads. Therefore, it is an all-in-one package for people who love to be daring while traveling.

Hammock-Topped Cliff 4x4 – Adventure Camper Van

The Next Camper Van: For Serious Road Adventurers

The Hammock-Topped Cliff 4×4

This van is probably a dream on wheels for adventure freaks, particularly for off-road junkies. It is perfect for people who are fond of extreme and unpredictable challenges. It was a group of athletes who started the concept of custom-made vans. Moving fast forward, this four-wheel-drive vehicle can handle any route, even the difficult ones.

The grey camouflage look is destined for dust, squirting gravel, and mud. At night, it becomes a base camp for travelers. It also has four headlights on the rooftop to cut through thick darkness.

Climbing, Relaxing, Surfing

The vehicle is for daring people the travelers who have to prove their athletic prowess to climb the van rooftop. The trailer has a non-slip GRP with a comfortable hammock. In addition, the roof has two telescopic poles. These are meant to secure the hammock. Even when relaxing, you can get close to the sky and enjoy beautiful views. Aside from this, the rooftop has a winch that is perfect for water skiing, surfing or wakeboarding. In addition to this, the large long rope makes the ride exciting and fun.

For Bikers And Tinkers

The van has two side doors that make it very different from other camper vans. Its interior is breathtaking and comfortable. Furthermore, the separate compartment for mountain bikes is just amazing. Along with this, the assembly stand allows hobbyists and tinkerers to change brake pads and chains easily. The interior is designed in a way that it can secure the bikes while traveling. In simple words, the interior is more like a functional storage bar for off-road junkies.

Basic Features

The campervan has a small kitchen with a dual burner and sink. It has cold storage for beverages and fruits. The metal kitchenware completes this van. In addition to this, there is a permanent bathroom. Furthermore, users can have access to the composite toilet with full privacy.

Where To Buy It

The official Sunlight website of is the best place to go. Visit the site and see which type of van you like. Look for the features and information about the other details of the truck as well. You can do a little bit of customization in it as well. You can even browse the guides dedicated to the campervan. Go on, read them and know what is best for you.

Hammock-Topped Cliff 4x4 – Adventure Camper Van

The Next Camper Van: For Serious Road Adventurers


This summary of the Hammock-topped Cliff 4×4 vehicle gives you an overview about the new Sunlight campervan. Start your off-road adventure high with your buddies. Get ready to be on a life-changing experience. Go et a campervan for you.

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