Best Camper Vans for Living Van Life

Best Camper Vans for Living Van Life

Many reasons must be there if you choose to live life on the road rather than living in four walls apartment. You can want to live this life, and it doesn’t matter you are single you can toss yourself to move around the country. For this, one option is to invest in the best camper van and enjoy the world. The best thing is that you are not supposed to leave any comfort for this life all the facilities can be there in your camper van. From kitchen to sleeping space, plasma television, coffee machine. Some options for the Best Camper Vans for Living Van Life.

California Volkswagen Best Camper Vans for Van Life

Volkswagen is the balance option for you. You will get all the modern technology with safety such as proper parking, driver assist, and halogen lights with subtle design elements with space-saving, pop-top roof facility where four adults can sleep comfortably. Removable table and chair, which you can stow out when not in use. It correctly designed by a German stalwart that will long last for decades.

Best Camper Vans for Living Van Life

Best Camper Vans for Living Van Life

Winnebago Revel Camper Vans

If you want to enjoy every moment of your life, then this is the right choice for you. With precision-engineered, solid like a rock, this van comes with 4*4 transmission, with enough space. The electrical system linked with solar panels, which power heater, lights, fridge. You only have to fill up the water tank and hit the gas station.

Sawtooth Touring

Sawtooth built on ultracapable chassis with top and bottom lights, freshwater tank, bathroom, kitchen, two dining areas.

Chinook Bayside Vans

Chinook is like a transport helicopter, with six executive chairs, no sleeping surfaces; it will provide you the facility of a first-class luxury man cave. Other facilities are stylish seating, deluxe lights control, privacy space, kitchen, toilet, television, heater, sound system, four security cameras. You can enjoy your ride at nearly $150,000.

Wanderlust Outside: Camper Vans

If you are looking for an affordable van, then this one is the best option for you. Outside trailer is the best for those who want to be out. Wanderlust will provide you necessary facilities like kitchen, ample sleeping areas, full roof rack. Only one disadvantage is there in this van; there is no bathroom, so step outside and enjoy your bath out.

Mercedes Benz 4*4 Sprinter: Best Camper Vans for Living Van Life

In Mercedes, you will get a lift kit which raises to 4 inches in front and 3 inches back with slope climbing ability. The pop-up sleeping platform provided so that you can get a comfortable space downstairs. Many more options are there, such as solar panels, kitchen.

Best Camper Vans for Living Van Life

Best Camper Vans for Living Van Life


Hymercar gives you bathrooms, a large fridge, safety sensors, comfortable sleep area, and all the comforts which provided at home.

Best Camper Van: Double Back

The double back van will provide you six-foot pod glide and roof of standing height. Built by using aerospace-spec material, which includes an aluminum frame. The weight of the pod is over 300lbs, and impressive 900lbs gear and with excellent furniture. The nickname of the double back, The Swiss Army Knife of Vans.

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